Boxing Day

Boxing Day is a type of occasion observed by Commonwealth nation on the following day of Christmas. Usually it celebrated in 26th & 27th December of every year. It is also called Saint Stephen’s Day, Second Day of Christmastide and also Day of Goodwill. Traditionally servants and tradesmen receive gifts like Christmas box from their … Continue reading “Boxing Day”

St. Andrew’s Day

St. Andrew’s Day is the feast day of Saint Andrew which is celebrated on the 30th of November every year. It is annually observed by Orthodox Christian Church, Roman Catholic Church, Anglican Communion, Presbyterianism and Patronal feast of Scotland respectively. It is a religious type of feast mainly celebrated in Scotland and Romania. Saint Andrew’s … Continue reading “St. Andrew’s Day”

Christmas Day

Christmas is a cultural festival of Christians which is also called Noël, Nativity, Yule, Xmas in different place. The commemoration of the birth of Jesus is the main significance of Christmas. It’s celebrated once a year but might be in different dates throughout the world. Referring to wikipedia we came to know that there are … Continue reading “Christmas Day”

Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day, a romantic day for couples which is also called Saint Valentine’s day or Feast of Saint Valentine. Valentine’s day is widely celebrated by sharing love and affection which is much more common among youngsters. Gifts have been a popular measure to enjoy this romantic day as most of the guys and girls send … Continue reading “Valentine’s Day”